Group Life Insurance

Life insurance offered by an employer or large-scale entity to its workers or members. Group life insurance is typically offered as a part of employer or membership benefit package.

Benefits of Group Life Insurance

By purchasing coverage through a provider on a “wholesale” basis for its members the coverage costs each individual worker/member much less than if they had to purchase an individual policy. Those receiving coverage may not have to pay anything for policy benefits or they may elect to have their portion of the premium payment deducted from their paycheck. There is no medical underwriting.

The employer or organization purchasing the policy for its workers or members retains the master contract. People who elect coverage through the group policy receive a “certificate of credible coverage,” which will be necessary to provide to a subsequent insurance company in the event that the individual leaves the company or organization and terminates their coverage.

We are specializing rather in niche group life market, which needs special approach to the client -when developing right program/group benefits for affinity group.

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