Key Man Insurance

You’ve been working very hard to make your business grow, succesfull and profitable in the competetive market. Imagine the loss of one most valuable key person... can ruin your’s life work in a split second. You need to make sure your business is still running when you lose a crucial partner, founder or key employee.

Benefits of Key Man Insurance

MKFS Broker offers you unique insurance in case of death or permanent disability of Key Person in your company and provide immediate financing for:

  • training of a person who will replace the old one
  • keeping your cash flow
  • adequate financial support for keeping your business running

Without proper Key Man Insurance most of the firms will face difficulties i.e. sell out the company with lower market price or even bankruptcy. With help of MKFS broker you can save your company’s future.

Who can be a Key Person?

A Key Person can be anyone directly associated with the business whose loss can cause financial constrain to the business, for example: a director of the company, a key sales person, key project manager, or someone with specific skills or knowledge, who is especially valuable to your company.

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