Medical and Financial Underwriting

When applying for life insurance policy you will need to complete an application form. Most comprehensive products will require to complete a series of questions regarding your health and financial history.
By facilitating medical and financial underwriting you will speed the whole process of insurance, especially if you need high lump sum.

What you gain?

Our experienced underwriters assess your situation with a high precision and then offer you the most appropriate cover.

  • As we have international insurance and reinsurance experience we can arrange for underwriting procedures at your location.
  • We facilitate to get health check-up with reputable medical institution at your convenience so you don’t need to waste your valuable time.
  • We can help you to obtain high lump sum assured for the right price.
  • All information gathered is strictly confidential and this is only viewed by those who have a direct role in assessing your application.
  • As of financial history - only insurance and reassurance trusted specialists have limited access to your confidential data.

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