Reinsurance coverage

In essence, reinsurance is insurance for insurance companies.

It is a contractual arrangement under which an insurer secures coverage from a reinsurer for a potential loss to which it is exposed under insurance policies issued to original insured.

There is typically no contractual relationship between the reinsurer and the original insured. Basically, all of the risks that are insured can reinsured under the relevant governing law for the reinsurance contract.

The reinsurance contract does not change insurer’s responsibility to its policyholder, and the insurer must fulfill the terms of its policy whether or not it has reinsurance or whether or not the reinsurer is rightly or wrongly refusing to perform.

A reinsurer can also transfers all or part of its assumed reinsurance coverage .

As a rule, all life insurance covers with big sum assured in partnership, high net worth /jumbo life, key man are reinsured with one or few reinsurance providers.

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